Friday, February 12, 2010

The fine line between performance and dangerous

The February 10 edition of the New York Times has a feature titled “Tempting Fate”. Athletes will naturally try to perform at their best and attempt new skills. Somewhere there is a fine line between superior performance and reckless or dangerous performance. The elite athlete has found this line which has allowed them to achieve their level of greatness. Even so, it only takes a minute mistake that causes one to cross that fine line and there is exposure to injury. Kevin Pearce is an example of this. While practicing a new trick(double cork) on the Halfpipe, Shaun White made a slight mistake resulted in a fall that that is similar to Kevin Pearce's fall that caused a traumatic brain injury. This TBI may also injure any chances for Kevin to ever participate in this sport again. Athletes will always push themselves to achieve greatness in their sport. It is important that in their effort to improve and achieve greatness, these athletes are given an environment that is safe for them to perform. In our current social climate that demands excitement and entertainment in everything we do, sometimes the welfare of the athlete seems to become only a secondary concern. On Friday, 2/12/10, the opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics, there has already been an accident that claimed the life of luge athlete from the Republic of Georgia. The sad comment here is that the athletes have previously complained that the course was too fast and dangerous.

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