Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Football is not more important than life.

When football becomes more important than life it is time to reconsider priorities. Nothing is more important than the child (and the parents) who places their trust in a coach. There are a lot of people who are only looking at the current situation at Penn State as only a misstep in a historic legacy and looking at this as a degradation of Penn State. It must be made clear that this is NOT about Penn State University or the superior quality of education that this institution provides. This is about the fact that in some institutions, football (Penn State is only one) has a level of monetary power that places the sport at a level where otherwise intelligent minds (and eyes) are blinded. If a teacher was to hear about a sexual abuse incident like what happened at Penn State, they would be expected (and required) to report it to the legal system. Even though the current child sexual abuse cases(s) were reported, these cases were also delayed, covered up, dismissed by the college administration, college police and city police. Football is not this important! Even though the revenue that the sport provides is an incredible amount of money, it should not cloud the priorities of the institution or of life. Just ask the young men (boys) who are the unfortunate victims if this is not true. Does this sexual abuse tragedy in any way place any untoward light on the quality of Penn State? No it does not. It does place untoward light on the level of emphasis that is placed on the multimillion dollar sport of football though. The institution of the sport should never take precedence over the child who is participating in it.

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